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What to know about COVID-19 vaccines in Washington Wednesday

Here's what you need to know about COVID-19 vaccines in Washington state on Wednesday, April 21.

Washington aims to vaccinate 90,000 people within two months

Washington State Secretary of Health Dr. Umair Shah announced the state has a new goal of vaccinating 90,000 people a day which they hope to achieve over the next six to eight weeks. Currently, the state is vaccinating around 56,000 people a day on average according to Assistant Secretary of Health Michele Roberts. The state's vaccine allocations are expected to remain steady at around 370,000 doses a week for the next few weeks, Roberts said. 

More supply of COVID-19 vaccines needed to increase weekly vaccination rate

Health officials in Washington state say they’re administering shots as fast as possible, and are ready for more. The state expects  370,0000 doses of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine next week – which is on par for weeks past. 

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine remains on hold – though officials say it represents a small percentage of total doses at times around five percent.

“The progress from that showed that we have the ability to be able to vaccinate a tremendous amount of Washingtonians if we just had the supply,” Shah continued.

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Mass COVID-19 vaccination site opening at Tacoma Dome

A COVID-19 vaccination site is opening at the Tacoma Dome with a goal of providing an estimated 34,000 doses per day. 

The Pierce County Department of Emergency Management will open the site April 27. It will remain open for six weeks. 

The goal will be to vaccinate at least 1,170 people each day and give an estimated 34,000 doses to people by the end of the six weeks.

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US to reach Biden's 200M COVID-19 vaccine goal

The U.S. is set to meet President Joe Biden's latest vaccine goal of administering 200 million COVID-19 shots in his first 100 days in office, as the White House steps up its efforts to inoculate the rest of the public.

With more than 50% of adults at least partially vaccinated, Biden on Wednesday will reflect on his efforts to expand vaccine distribution and access in his first three months in the White House. But with all those 16 and older now eligible for shots, the president is expected to outline his administration's plans to drive up the vaccination rate even further.

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EU regulator finds link between J&J shot and blood clots

The European Union’s drug regulatory agency said Tuesday that it found a “possible link” between Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine and extremely rare blood clots and that a warning should be added to the label. But experts at the agency reiterated that the vaccine’s benefits outweigh the risks.

The European Medicines Agency made those determinations after a very small number of blood clot cases in people who had gotten the vaccine were reported in the United States. 

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How to get a COVID-19 vaccine in Washington

Everyone in Washington state aged 16 and over is eligible for the vaccine.

Find a list of vaccine providers on the state's Vaccinate WA page and information on how to make an appointment.

Pfizer is the only vaccine approved for people 16 and 17 years old, and the state is working to update its Vaccine Locator with information about which vaccine is offered at each location.

Several health care providers allow people to join waiting lists for the vaccine, and they will contact you when doses are available. Join the waiting list for:

LIST: Mass COVID-19 vaccine sites in western Washington