SEATAC, Wash. —

TSA announced on Tuesday that an agent working at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has tested positive for coronavirus. 

The current outbreak may have slowed down traffic at Sea-Tac, but at security checkpoint 5, operations have come to a complete halt. 

Checkpoint 5 was the last place an unnamed TSA agent was stationed before testing positive for coronavirus, working a morning shift on Saturday, March 21 beginning at 3 a.m. 

The checkpoint is now closed for cleaning. 

Sea-Tac is now one of 14 airports nationwide to have a TSA agent test positive. So far, 29 agents and eight non-screening TSA employees have tested positive for coronavirus. 

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As far as keeping agents protected during the outbreak, TSA said in a statement that its agents have been instructed to wear gloves while screening travelers and any swabs used during that process are tossed after one use. 

Agents can use a mask if they choose to, though it is not required. 

TSA said that the agent who tested positive for coronavirus is at home resting. 

If you have traveled through the airport and are concerned that you came into contact with this agent, both TSA and the Port of Seattle suggest you contact your health care provider. 

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