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Many Seattle bars and restaurants now require proof of vaccination

Many bars adopted the policy this weekend after some spots had to shutdown because vaccinated staff tested positive for COVID-19.

SEATTLE — Proof of being vaccinated against COVID-19 is becoming increasingly necessary to enter Seattle bars and restaurants. 

Restaurant and bar employees say this weekend the trend started to take off. Many now have signs outside saying "Proof of vaccination with matching valid I.D. required."

Some Random Bar in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood had a sign outside Sunday reading, "No Vax...No service! No exceptions." 

"I've seen people have [their vaccine card] laminated. I've seen people have it in Ziplocs. I've seen people just pull it out of their wallet, which is fantastic. I have a picture of it on my phone," said Amanda Alfinez, whose family own Some Random Bar. 

Alfinez said Some Random Bar requires either the vaccine card or a photo. The policy applies to people who choose to sit either inside or outside. Alfinez's family adopted the policy after learning Cannon, a bar on Capitol Hill, would begin requiring proof if vaccination. 

"We just did it. Jumped on board and I think that has set a precedent. Not only in Belltown but in Seattle in general, which is why so many places in the last few days have started requiring people to show proof of vaccination," Alfinez said. 

KING 5 previously reported a limited number of bars and restaurants were beginning to require proof of vaccination. It's estimated more than 100 spots have adopted a proof of vaccination policy. 

Alfinez said the reaction has been positive. The biggest challenge is working with travelers who may not have a their vaccine card or a photo. She recommends saving a photo on your phone. 

"I just want to know that I feel safe and everyone else is going to feel safe inside and that I'm making sure everyone is where they're supposed to be," Alfinez said. 

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