SEATTLE — On Monday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced the forced closure of bars and restaurants, and those closures would also be extended to salons and barbershops.

Girma Robi works at Karibu Barber Shop and was already on the edge of his business. At the time when he spoke to KING 5 on Monday, he was technically still allowed to be in the business. Unfortunately, it isn't the business he's used to.

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"Since the coronavirus, the customer gets scared. No one comes to us. The number of customers goes down and almost now becomes zero," explained Robi.

On a regular day, Robi would serve 10 to 15 clients a day, but lately, it has been closer to two people.

"It's very scary. Hard to pay rent. This thing (coronavirus) will not continue - I hope. So, maybe it's going to be alright," said Robi.

Even before the news that the governor's shutdown would extend to salons, Robi couldn't imagine that reality for his business.

"Maybe I'll try this week. But if it continues like that, I don't know what I'm going to do," responded Robi when we asked on how long he would survive without having customers.

Karibu Barbershop located at 3855 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118 | (206) 407-4147.

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