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Gov. Inslee vows to work with California, Oregon governors to reopen economy

Each of the three governors issued stay-at-home orders early on compared to other states to slow the spread of COVID-19.

WASHINGTON — Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced he will be working closely with California and Oregon's governors to gradually reopen the economy following the novel coronavirus (COIVD-19) outbreak.

Each of the three governors issued stay-at-home orders early on compared to other states to help slow the spread of the virus.

Now, the state leaders have vowed to work together to make sure when the economy does reopen, residents will remain healthy and safe.

Gov. Inslee, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced an agreement to work together where the health of residents living in the three states comes first, and where science and health, not politics, will guide decisions.

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President Donald Trump tweeted saying the decision to open up the states will be his and not the governors.

"As far as who has the legal authority to make decisions about the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" initiative which I issued as the governor of the state of Washington. There really is no question about that. That is in the singular purview of the state of Washington and the governor of Washington," said Gov. Inslee during a press conference Monday.

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Gov. Inslee said there is no specific date for when the economy will reopen. He said two things need to happen to make this possible.

First, the rate of infection needs to be low enough. Second, there has to be no question that the state has enough COVID-19 test kits and the ability to trace the contacts of people who have been infected. This is to make sure outbreaks can be contained and closely monitored.

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