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107 new cases of COVID-19 reported at Monroe correctional facility

The total number of confirmed cases at that facility is 674.
Credit: Seattle Times
A guard tower overlooks the Monroe Correctional Complex, the state's largest prison.

SEATTLE — The Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) said more than 100 people contracted COVID-19 at a facility in Monroe. 

There are 107 new coronavirus cases reported in the past 30 days at the Monroe Correctional Complex in the Twin Rivers Unit. 

The total number of confirmed cases at that facility is 674.

The DOC keeps a "Significant Event Timeline" on its website of COVID-19 outbreaks. 

The last significant event was reported at the Cedar Creek Corrections Center in Littlerock, where 94 inmates had COVID-19. 

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The facility, south of Olympia, is the same place 32-year-old Garrett Young escaped by digging under a fence. Young was arrested in the Bellingham area days later.

Young was temporarily housed with about 50 other inmates in a gym at the corrections facility due to a COVID-19 outbreak. It's believed Young went out to use a portable toilet in the yard and never returned.

Prior to Young's escape, inmates were allowed to leave the gym without having to get permission.

Cedar Creek Corrections Center is considered a minimum-security facility. The prison is only surrounded by one set of fences. Most other state facilities have two fences.

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