The Odessa Brown Children's Clinic has been a fixture in Seattle for almost half a century. Every year, they touch the lives of 40,000 families in tightly cramped quarters.

“When a family needs help we can serve them in so many different ways,” said Odessa Brown Clinic Dr. Shaquita Bell. “There really isn't anybody else in this neighborhood or in this general vicinity who's providing that care.”

When neighbors are in need, Dr. Shaquita Bell is there.

“I love to be able to meet a family and hear about what's going on and to be able to help them,” said Dr. Bell. “I came from a very similar community in Minnesota, and when I walk into a room I feel like I'm treating my sister and my nephew and my niece and I feel like I see those faces reflected in my patients.”

Dr. Bell's job extends well beyond routine checkups.

Treating children and supporting families, the Odessa Brown Clinic also promotes wellness through dental services, mental health and nutrition.

“We really think of ourselves in that way,” said Dr. Bell. “All of those things in one building is such an amazing asset for people to just come to one place and get all their needs met.”

For this doctor, it's a dream job.

“It's really rare for people to wake up and want to go to work,” said Dr. Bell. “I'm really lucky that I get to work in a place where we all feel that way.”

"Growing Wellness: An Odessa Brown Children's Clinic and Seattle Children's Special” is a live telethon raising awareness and funds for children’s health in Central and South Seattle. Watch to see why you should donate, meet the people doing the great work at the clinic, and hear stories of the patients and children whose lives have been changed by OBCC. It airs Thursday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m. on KING, KONG, and Facebook.

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