Doctors offer a strong warning about medications with potentially deadly effects on children.

The FDA warns children under 18 shouldn't take Tramadol, and kids under 12 shouldn't take codeine. Common drugs used to treat pain.

Pediatrician Robert Weiss outlines the dangerous side effects.

"Respiratory depression, vomiting, lethargy, and cardiac problems that result in death. In some opioids when a child, particularly under the age of 5, is exposed to it, even a part of a pill can be fatal," says Dr. Weiss.

Weiss says children have a much lower body mass so, it doesn't take much to affect their system.

And beware. Opioids may lurk in cough medicines, check the label.

"Under the age of 4 the Academy doesn't recommend any cold or cough medicines," says Dr. Weiss.

The academy of pediatrics finds these medications aren't effective and are highly dangerous. Especially hydrocodone.

"When adolescents are given hydrocodone in their cough medicine to help with that night time cough, there's an increase, a fourfold increase in the number of youngsters that are then going to move forward to heroin and other addictive drugs," explains Dr. Weiss.

So, it's best to steer clear of all opioids and ask your pediatrician for natural remedies.