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Are You Okay? | Seattle doctor shares how to find balance during the holidays

Dr. Jeanne Galloway, Vice President at Bastyr University, shares simple tips for self-care this holiday season.

SEATTLE — Calendars are filling up with the busy holiday season ahead, which can set our lifestyles off balance.

Dr. Jeanne Galloway, Vice President at Bastyr University, shared some simple tips with KING 5 about self-care this season. 

First, stay present in the moment. Holidays can often be hectic. Galloway said it is important to slow down and enjoy the time we’re in.

She suggests meditating in the morning, setting a daily intention, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking three deep breathes to refocus.

The holidays come with big meals and busy schedules, which can set us off track with diet and exercise.

“That’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself,” Galloway said. 

She added it’s important, when possible, to choose whole foods. Take some time for movement, like a kitchen dance party or a walk, and even take a nap.

Galloway said self-care should remain a priority, whether that’s acupuncture, visiting a museum, reading a good book, taking a bath or simply hugging your loved ones. 

Take time to yourself.

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