Research shows that cancer patients who are engaged in their medical treatment tend to have better outcomes. However, when someone is sick, it can be difficult to stay on top of scheduling, medication, tracking symptoms and remembering pertinent information about treatment.

The need to improve outcomes and patient care stemmed collaboration between Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and L4 Digital. The two groups worked together to form the Caresi App, an app that puts treatment into the hands of patients.

"There were things in my care that I wish we would've had," said Debbie Berg of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. "Procedural documents to tell me all these tests I had to take would scare the Bejeezus out of me."

Berg had just started working at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance when she was diagnosed with a blood disease. During her treatment, she carried around several large notebooks to track her symptoms, her feelings and her schedule. She is now one of the main voices improving the app.

"It provides our patients care when they are away from the clinic," said Berg. "It provides their labs, their schedule, their care team, and pertinent resource information of their disease. You can add notes in it, you can add recordings, and you can track symptoms."

Berg says it helps when a provider asks what medications you are taking or when you need to look up a symptom and immediately follow up with a provider.

The app itself is also something that has garnered a business award. Seattle-based L4 Digital worked with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to build the app, and it recently won a Stevie Award for its innovation. L4 Digital also received the business award for the fastest growing tech company of the year with up to 100 employees.

Aside from the accolades, L4 Digital's co-founder says it's exciting work that makes a positive impact for patients.

"It's really exciting to wake up and come in in the morning and work on a product like that," said Albers. "We're really proud of the work we've done with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and they're a fantastic partner."

"This is why I go to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance because they empower the patients," said Berg. "Research shows us that patients who are engaged have better outcomes. Isn't that what you want for your patient?"

The app is available for patients at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.