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Healing with the touch of a hand

The soft touch of a hand takes away pain.
MaryLee McRoberts

BELLEVUE, Wash. With the soft touch of her hand, MaryLee McRoberts can heal. Pain relief is right at her fingertips. McRoberts specializes in "energy medicine".

She's a certified master of "Reiki", an ancient Japanese techinique that claims better health by aligning energy within the body.

"I'm running a channel of energy, opening a channel of energy," said McRoberts. "I open up the blockages so the energy can then be released from your energy system and that way you don't proceed toward illness and it allows you to move through obstacles in your life."

Many skeptics call it "woo woo" medicine.

"Yeah, they do, and I think back in the day it seemed so outlandish," said McRoberts.

But, now it's gaining acceptance as an additional way to improve one's health. Even Dr. Oz says this is the future of medicine, energy medicine.

It's not nessecarily a replacement for a trip to the doctor's office, but as a companion, it sure doesn't hurt.

"It's really relaxing, I don't do anything really," said Sue Skillen, a client of MCRoberts.

Skillen recently came to McRoberts seeking relief from chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.

"It just ebbs and flows, sometimes you have flair ups that are worst than other times," said Skillen.

But, after a couple of Reiki sessions with McRoberts, Skillen said her pain subsided.

"I would say way low, yeah, like maybe a one on a ten and it's just been incredibly much better," she said.

In addition, Skillen experienced some unexpected side effects.

She said, "Lost some weight and actully went to the dotor and had some tests, my blood work, and all that, and improved on cholesterol and blood sugar and those sort of things. It just kind of happened which was kind of surprising."

It may seem surprising, but not to MCRoberts who energizes clients by lending them her helping hand.

"I get to go in and unblock energy, but they are the ones that get to move forward in their lives and, achieve their health and their happiness and their joy and that's what it's all about," said McRoberts.

You can find out more about McRoberts by clicking here.

She will be holding a workshop at East West Bookstore in Seattle January 2nd and 3rd. For more information click here.

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