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Giant cowboy invades UW!

Giant cowboy invades UW! He's 28-feet-tall but he's a big softy. The "Lone Stranger" is a mammoth blowup doll and is part of a new public art installation.

SEATTLE - If you happen to see a 28-foot cowboy looming over the campus at the University of Washington, never fear. He's a big softy!

The "Lone Stranger" is the largest of 12 works that make up Mad Campus,

an art installation that spans almost three miles on the UW grounds. Piper O'Neill is the artist behind the cowboy.

"There's nothing more interesting to an artist to see their work, but to a bigger magnitude. it could be a college mascot. I mean it could be a Husky."

Piper is one of 13 artists that scattered their creations around the campus, beginning last Saturday.

There's a wooden boardwalk called "Wave Sign" that looks like someone picked it up and shook it like a rug.

Pillows made of various countries' flags lounge in a huge tree in the middle of campus.

Just around the bend, you'll see a shimmering, spinning spaceship-like work hanging from a tree.

Seven of the artists are UW Alums. One is a current student. The Director of the UW School of Art, Art History and Design said all students can benefit.

"We have students working as interns with the artists to actually fabricate the pieces," said Jamie Walker.

The show is a collaboration between the UW and MadArt, a local arts organization.

The purpose is to "discover art in unexpected places." And the public is invited. There's an Art Walk scheduled for September 28th beginning at Red Square.

The free public art will be in place through October 25.

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