FEDERAL WAY, Wash. – Second and third grade students at Sherwood Forest Elementary School have have created a new safe zone for kids on the playground.
Last year's students in Ms. Callender's class came up with the idea.

This year's class has fully instituted it, which included presenting the idea to every class on campus.

Here's how it works: Lonely students can come to the designated playground spot. Student leaders from the class have a list of questions to help figure out what the lonely or saddened kids might want to play. The goal is to help those students find a playmate.

Each member of the class rotates acting as a leaders during recess.

Students are told to get a teacher involved if the student's problem is ever considered serious.

"In our current age of cyberbullying and all the problems we're having in our society, they are making change in what looks like a really small way on a playground, but that's big," said Ms. Callender. "What these kids are doing now is really important."