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This interview with Jeff Goldblum is bonkers, in the best possible way

He reprises his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, opening June 22.

An article recently described Jeff Goldblum as a "delightfully weird" and "weirdly delightful.”

After our interview, I'd have to agree.

We sat down on the Hawaii set of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – where he shot Jurassic Park 25 years earlier.

GOLDBLUM: "What's your last name?”

HOLCOMB: “Holcomb.”

GOLDBLUM: “Holcomb. Holcomb. Holcomb… My cousin Debbie married Bill Holcomb.”

HOLCOMB: “So what you're saying is, we're related? We're cousins.”

GOLDBLUM: “In Jurassic World, Michael Crichton would tell us, and Neil deGrasse Tyson - yes, we are cousins - but he would tell us that we're all related…. very much related. Drive safely, that's our show. (laughter)"

HOLCOMB: "This is my first time here, it's kind of mind-boggling to see it in person. 25 years ago, to now. Does it feel like time has passed, or does it feel like it was just yesterday?”

GOLDBLUM: (breathing heavily) "Both… 25 years ago exists right now, somewhere. Our little selves are right here, with us. Is that possible?”

HOLCOMB: “Who knows? Is this the kind of conversation you have when you go on Paul Allen's boat and meet all the interesting people in his world?”

GOLDBLUM: “Yeahhhh... I met Stevie Wonder there for the first time. Chrissie Hynde. Many musicians - Rufus Wainwright. And, scientists. Paul Allen is a science lover. There were some highfalutin conversations that raised my level of nincompoopery up a couple of notches.”

HOLCOMB: “After such an amazing career with so many roles that you've played - is there another one that you think it would be cool to revisit 25 years later?”

GOLDBLUM: “Another role? Another role?”

HOLCOMB: “I mean, to reprise that role?”

GOLDBLUM: “Yes, I understand what you mean completely, although I like that word 'reprise.' Well used, well used.”

HOLCOMB: “Thank you.”

GOLDBLUM: “I like you with the lei, too.”

HOLCOMB: “I'm trying to blend in.”

GOLDBLUM: “You're not blending in, you're standing out and you're dancing in perfect harmony.”

HOLCOMB: (laughs)

GOLDBLUM: "Yes, yes. No, I don't know. What would I play again?"

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It probably doesn't matter - as long as he just keeps performing. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in theaters June 22.)

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