Three decades after he first scared audiences, the Predator is back – stalking prey in the Pacific Northwest.

The Predator was filmed on location in and around Vancouver, B.C.

"Now the good thing about those woods, being in the Pacific Northwest, is when you fall down or do a stunt or roll, there's moss all over the place,” said actor Keegan-Michael Key. “You fall and roll over and you're like, ahhh."

Vancouver native Jacob Tremblay also stars, as a boy who accidentally activates Predator technology and summons an alien to his location.

Boyd Holbrook plays his father – a soldier who runs an unlikely team of heroes.

They realize there are actually two Predators roaming the area, and chaos ensues.

Principal photography included many cold, dark, dirty nights in the forest.

"For me, it almost feels like I've been rehearsing for this movie since I was a little kid,” said actor Augusto Aguilera. "I mean, we were doing that when we were kids - how many times would your mom be like, ‘Don't play in the mud, don't play in the dirt!’ Then you come back and - it's the best.”

Holbrook headed south to Washington State after filming wrapped, to visit a friend in Bellingham. And actor Trevante Rhodes said the Predator himself is a big fan of Seattle.

"That's Brian's favorite place,” he said. “Brian plays the Predator.”

The Predator is rated R and opens in theaters September 14.

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