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'Ted Lasso' stars talk Season 2, awards season, and American football

Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster star as professional soccer players Roy Kent and Jamie Tartt

SEATTLE — Fans of feel-good comedy Ted Lasso will be thrilled to learn production of Season Two is underway, and 12 new episodes are set to debut on Apple TV+ this summer.

On Sunday, star and showrunner Jason Sudekis won the Golden Globe for his role as the title character.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb talked to two of his co-stars, Brett Goldstein and Phil Dunster, about the show’s success, awards season, and why American football is so hard to grasp.

HOLCOMB: "I am unapologetically a fan. This is from my Facebook post last year where I wrote, ‘Inject every episode of Ted Lasso into my veins.'"

GOLDSTEIN: "Kim I'm very grateful for that but that doesn't sound like a healthy way to watch Ted Lasso... I think if you injected it directly into your veins, I don't know how you're going to be able to see it. As a recommendation, please don't do that.”

DUNSTER: “That's an official thing, yeah."

HOLCOMB: "How or when did you first realize that this show was a massive hit in the United States?"

DUNSTER: "I think when I saw...”

GOLDSTEIN: “Your Facebook post. (laughter)"

DUNSTER: "I think it was probably when I saw the count had gotten to over triple digits of photos of Brett topless.”

HOLCOMB: "So you have been looking at my Facebook?"

GOLDSTEIN: (laughter) "You are the only reason I haven't left Facebook."

HOLCOMB: "Both the show and the cast are nominated for all the awards this year. How are you going into the next few weekends in awards season?"

GOLDSTEIN: "Because we can't be there and there's no red carpet and no wearing suits or anything, I am going to make an effort and I will be shaving my chest."

DUNSTER: "It's amazing that we have been nominated for those things and I'm very proud of the whole show, particularly."

HOLCOMB: “I know you probably can't tell me much but, season two... premiere date? Will there be more episodes than season one?"

GOLDTSEIN: "We can tell you one answer to that, I believe - maybe not, and I'll get in trouble? There are 12 episodes, not ten episodes."

HOLCOMB: "Will it comes out this summer? Can you ballpark that for me?"

GOLDSTEIN: "Summer.”

DUNSTER: “Yeah, we'll give you that."

HOLCOMB: “We know the premise of the show - let's put this into real life. If you were to come to the United States to coach a sport, which one would you struggle the most with?"

GOLDSTEIN: "American football, without a doubt. At no point have I ever understood a game that stops every three seconds, has an ad break every four seconds, then it comes back and something happens for one second. What is the game? What is happening?"

HOLCOMB: “I have a piece of advice that will not fail you. If anyone ever asks you, who is your favorite NFL team, you just say 'The Seattle Seahawks, they are the greatest team ever,' and you'll be right."

GOLDSTEIN: "Is this a guarantee?"

HOLCOMB: "Yes, and not just because I happen to live in Seattle."

Season One of Ted Lasso is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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