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Karamo Brown says his dog judges him for wearing sweatpants

The 'Queer Eye' host shares personal advice for pet owners during the pandemic

SEATTLE — Karamo Brown is a host of the Emmy-award winning show Queer Eye, a best-selling author and a podcast host.

But he has one more big job: dog dad.

He talked to entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb about the value of being a pet owner during the pandemic.

HOLCOMB: "I love that you have a senior dog!”

BROWN: “I do. I have been with my baby for 15 years now. I got him when he was a year old, and I always tell people, 'If you want to adopt or foster, make sure that you look at not only the puppies but also the older guys and gals because they need some love, too - and they have so much love to give!' I remember, I walked into the shelter and there were all these dogs, and immediately I was drawn to Logan and Logan was drawn to me, and I was like, ‘We're family.’"

HOLCOMB: "You gave your dog a person name. I gave my dog an affectionate name - her name is Tootsie. Some people name their dogs after inanimate objects. What does this say about us as people, these choices that we make?"

BROWN: "What's in a name is the love you're giving to your pet, and I think that's what's most special about it. I just met a dog named Hamburger and I thought that was so cute. When I got my dog, I named him Logan Patrick Michael Brown because I thought it sounded regal and it was fun, and it was nice to have this sort of humanish connection."

HOLCOMB: “What advice would you give to people who are spending a lot more time in the presence of our pets?”

BROWN: "If we can be honest with ourselves, during 2020 and even now as it's become 2021, as we're grieving all of the things we thought we were going to have, the financial security, friendships, family, people we've actually lost - as we're grieving that, sometimes you can feel sad. And the beauty of having a dog or pet is that it does get you out of your comfort zone…. Early on, I'd be working at home, working in sweats… and all of a sudden he started barking at the little outfits I had for him, and I was like 'All right, you barking at that. I'll change.' So it's nice when your dog kind of reminds you to step up and do a little bit of something for yourself.”

HOLCOMB: “I love that he was judging your fashion taste.”

BROWN: “Oh my gosh, my dog could completely be in the Queer Eye guys. Like literally, my dog could be the Fab 6. He's very vocal about what he wants and what he likes."

HOLCOMB: "We are in a new year, we are in a new time. What is your mantra moving forward?"

BROWN: "Comparison is the thief of joy. Y'all hear that? Comparison is the thief of joy. Because as you're walking through life you can see what other people have, what they're doing, and it can take away from focusing on what you have and what you're doing. Just know that you are enough, and I'm so happy I could be here with you all."

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