She may be turning 72 in a couple of weeks, but Candice Bergen can own trolls like a millennial.

The legendary actress stars alongside fellow iconic stars Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen in the upcoming movie Book Club. It's about a group of septuagenarians whose friendships and love lives are still going strong.

In real life, Bergen is active on Instagram – where her bio curiously reads, “Tired-ass Honky Ho.”

Turns out, that description comes from an internet troll.

“I had posted a photograph of the four of us looking up at the eclipse - which, thanks to Jane, got 50,000 likes - it broke the internet. It was really funny,” Bergen explained. “And somebody said, 'You guys are just a bunch of tired-ass honky hos.'... before, my bio had been 'Old White Woman.' So I swapped it.”

It’s a master class move in stripping the power from mean words. Nicely done, Candice.

Book Club opens in theaters May 18.

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