Tuesday is a big day in Seattle as Broadway’s biggest show debuts at the Paramount Theater.

Hamilton the musical tells the story about the remarkable life of Alexander Hamilton. Born in the West Indies and left by his father as a young boy, he later became one of America’s founding fathers.

The musical won 11 Tony Awards, including the Tony for ‘Best Musical.’

Among the thousands of people that will be in attendance over the next several weeks will be the Cook family from Tacoma.

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Aaron, Katie, and Lauren Cook are big fans of the show.

“I like it because it’s not a boring way of learning history. Because I really like history, but sometimes learning out of a textbook gets really boring,” 13-year-old Lauren said.

“Without him we wouldn’t have the banks, maybe our entire country would probably be different if it weren’t for him,” 10-year-old Katie added.

“Once I started hearing my sisters like singing along and listening to Hamilton, that kind of started to get me interested in that history,” 8-year-old Aaron said.

The family has Hamilton books, blankets, and CDs but they still have not watched a live performance.

So, when the Seattle tour dates were announced mom Wendi knew she was going to be receiving a request.

“Yeah it was not a little nudge it was a big wink and a very big push,” Wendi joked. “Yes, Hamilton is coming to Seattle and wouldn’t it be great and educational if we could go.”

Thankfully Mom was able to work together with her cousin Tracy and Santa to pull it off. The Cook’s will be in attendance at a matinee over the weekend.

“We feel very fortunate that we do get to go,” Wendi said. “They are just so thrilled, and it is great to see them light up and really just learn history through different perspectives too.”

Hamilton's producers launched Seattle's $10 ticket lottery this weekend. You need to download the "Hamilton" app and enter the lottery through that app two days before the show date. The lottery closes at 9 a.m. the day before the show. The winners are announced at 11 a.m.

The show will be in Seattle from February 6th to March 18th.