SHORELINE, Wash. — They're not your typical motorcycle cops-- Shoreline police officers Sean Nelson and Rob Knight are now taking their patrols off-road.

The two officers are among the first in the state to use electric motorcycles on patrol.

The units allow police to get places that would normally be much more difficult, like the Interurban Trail which runs through the city.

The trail is starting to fall victim to the sprawl of neighboring Seattle's addiction problem.

Homeless camps, garbage and hypodermic needles litter the area.

"These bikes let us get out here more," said Knight. "Without them, you have to park a car at one end or the other and walk. If you have other things that happen, it's a long time to get back to your car and be able to answer a call."

Each of the two motorcycles purchased by Shoreline cost about $25,000.

With a top speed approaching 100 miles per hour, the electric motorcycles are faster than bikes, and more versatile than cars. 

The bikes are also nearly silent, giving police the element of surprise.

"We've been just a few feet away from people riding bikes or walking on the trail and they don't even know we're there until we want them to know we're there," said Nelson. "Some of the criminal element we've approached have even been impressed by them."

"It's just about increasing people's safety out here however we can," Knight said.