A Washington State lawmaker wants to pull funding from Evergreen State College and make it a private institution.

The move follows protests over a white professor, who allegedly objected to an event that asked whites to leave campus for a day.

Tensions rose so high that professor Bret Weinstein, who is white, said police advised him to stay home for his own safety.

"Could you imagine if the University of Washington said we're going to have a day without African-American students or a day without Asian students? We'd be appalled," said Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg.

Manweller introduced a bill that would require Evergreen State College to come up with a plan by December 2018 for transitioning the college from public to private over a five year period.

"These so-called 'campus activists' want to set us back 50 years to the days of segregation," Manweller said, who has also asked the Washington State Human Right Commission to investigate whether or not the college has broken any laws.

He said the college is considering a proposal to use race as a factor for admission. State colleges and universities are banned from doing that, he said, under Initiative 200, which Washington voters passed in 1998.

Manweller also commented on a threat that was phoned into 911 which prompted the campus to close Thursday and Friday.

"Threats like this are unacceptable under any circumstances," he said.

Due to the threat, Evergreen State College spokesman Zach Powers said the university has no formal response yet to the idea of privatizing the college.