After a snowy week in western Washington, several school districts hope to avoid having to make up school days canceled because of the weather.

North Mason, North Thurston, Tacoma, and Tumwater are some of the south Sound school districts who will be seeking waivers from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, according to spokespeople from those districts.

Washington State Superintendent Chris Reykdal can grant waivers for districts thanks to Governor Jay Inslee’s snow-related emergency declaration last week. State law allows a maximum of three waiver days. 

Reykdal said while the number of school days can be reduced, districts are still required to have students in class for 1027 hours, a figure Reykdal said most districts would be able to reach without the traditional 180-day school year.

North Mason Superintendent Dana Rosenbach said without a waiver her district will look at longer school days, canceling activities, and even Saturday classes. The school district does not want to extend the school year past June 19, the estimated last day of school.

“There are students who have to work to help their families,” said Rosenbach. “There are families, including staff, who already have family plans are going to be out of town, leaving the week or so after school."

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