KENT, Washington — The Kent School District recently released a list of course reductions to the music program for the 2019-2020 school year.

"Some music sections have been reduced and those reductions are based on a complex system of staffing, master scheduling, and student interests," Superintendent Dr. Calvin Watts explained.

But it is an answer that does not satisfy some music and art students who stood outside the district administration building to protest before Wednesday night’s school board meeting.

“There are two band classes that are being cut, and an orchestra class," said high school junior Regen Langholz.

Amilya Simmons is in the choir at Kentwood High School.

"That fact that they are getting rid or reducing the things we love most, that's why we are all here today," explained Simmons.

Kentwood junior Martin Rosales said participating in drama class has led to him feeling like he's a part of a community where he's appreciated.  

"Drama has really changed my life these last two, three years,” Rosales said. “It would be really sad for me to just let go of something I have worked really hard for.”

Students brought their concerns to the school board meeting and said they plan to keep speaking out against the reductions.

The City of Kent's Art Commission wrote a letter in support of the student's efforts to save music courses.

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