SPOKANE, Wash --- Gonzaga University’s class of 2021 moved in to the residence halls on Friday.

There are almost 1,300 first-year students starting school at GU, and they are considered the strongest academic class in the university’s 130-year history.

GU’s class of 2021 has an average GPA of 3.79, an average ACT score of 28 and a 1,257 average on the SAT, said GU officials.

Their average grades beat out the class of 2020 to be the considered the strongest academic class ever.

Only two other first-year classes have been larger than this year’s too, they were the classes of 2020 and 2019, so GU’s classes keep growing.

KREM decided to talk to some of the new Gonzaga students to see how much they actually know, watch the video above to see all the interviews.