SEATTLE -- The Ballard home affectionately dubbed the "Up" house after the 2009 film may officially be off the market.

The tiny house, surrounded on three sides by the concrete walls of a shopping center, garnered buzz after homeowner Edith Macefield refused to sell her home to corporate development; she even turned down a million-dollar offer by the Ballard Blocks development.

In 2009, Disney publicists attached balloons to the roof of Macefield's house as promotional ties to their movie, based on an old man's desire to save his home by tying balloons to the structure and flying away before it could be demolished by developers.

After Macefield's death in 2008 at the age of 86, community members rallied together to honor the late homeowner's legacy and save the house, which went into foreclosure, from destruction.

The house has garnered major attention. It received 38 solid offers while on the market, and around 750,000 people have so far logged on to view the virtual tour.

Little is known about the party who submitted the pending offer, however bids had to include how the new owner would honor Macefield's memory. They will have until late May to complete the terms of the sale.

At that point, the future of the famous home, and Macefield's wish for it to remain standing, will become known to the public.