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District considers teachers' latest proposal

Seattle Public School teachers and their district returned to the bargaining table Monday afternoon

Seattle Public School teachers and their district returned to the bargaining table Monday afternoon. A district spokesperson said they were taking a close look at the union's latest offer, which includes a new undisclosed idea under consideration.

"The SPA is studying this plan closely to see whether it's financially possible, and we anticipate a response back to SEA today," said spokesperson Stacy Howard.

Seattle Public School teachers took their picket signs straight to district headquarters Monday. Some from West Seattle marched more than 6 miles to get there.

Librarian Jeff Treistman was encouraged by developments in negotiations from over the weekend.

"It looks like the district is beginning to listen," said Treistman. "They're beginning to give us some respect. It's too long in coming."

The numbers going back and forth between the district and its teachers don't make sense with Erik Levy, who is a parent at Stevens Elementary staying home with his two kids.

His patience grows thin for both sides. He thinks the teachers ask for too much, and the district keeps too much money in reserves.

"The district has already come up significantly in terms of how much they're willing to give," said Levy. "The teachers should get their butts back in the classroom and start teaching immediately and the rest can be resolved."

It can't come too soon for the families of 53,000 students.

The city is trying to help parents by expanding child care programs. The Queen Anne Community Center usually takes 50 children. Monday, it took in 150.

Also waiting is Henrietta Swan Price who has worked as a crossing guard for Leschi Elementary for decades. She depends of the few hundred dollars she gets a month to supplement her fixed income. She is anxious to get back to her job, but she still supports teachers at the school.

"They're overcrowded, over taxed, they're underpaid. I might be underpaid but I'm underpaid by choice," said Price.

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