TACOMA, Wash. -- It was 11:30 Sunday night, so Waller Rd. was almost completely dark. Kayla Verone was headed home from work when a patch of blue and red lights on the dashboard of a car behind her appeared.

At the time, Verone said she was not speeding or doing anything else to arise suspicion. But she pulled over nonetheless.

"I've always been told if a cop pulls you over and it's a male and you're by yourself," recalled Verone, "They're supposed to park directly behind your car so the dash cam sees what happens."

Verone said the car pulling her over parked at an angle instead, blocking the view from passing vehicles.

"I didn't feel comfortable with that," she said.

Soon, the man approached and, according to Verone, without any other questions demanded she get out of the car. She refused.

"He yelled and said I was resisting and I needed to get out of the car," said Verone, "I was very scared. I've never had a cop yell at me the way that he was."

Her constant refusal eventually frustrated the man, who was in uniform, and he left. Verone called Pierce County authorities.

Wednesday, the Sheriff's Department said it was investigating the report of a cop imposter.

Verone, who has several other family members in law enforcement, said she is still anxious from the experience.

"I was almost taken, I was almost hurt badly," she said, "I could've been killed."

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said if you are in a similar situation, drive to a well-lit area with the officer behind you. If you are unsure, ask another officer to come as well. If that fails, call 911.

Verone describes the man as a white male about six-feet tall with a buzzed brown haircut. She could not see the car in the dark.