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Urn with ashes of Bellevue woman's late husband stolen from U-Haul

The black box has "David S. Francis" inscribed on it, according to Bellevue police.

BELLEVUE, Wash. — A Bellevue woman says an urn containing the ashes of her husband was stolen Wednesday night near Eastgate. 

Susie Foster's husband, David, died after a battle of cancer in 2016. 

She decided to get a fresh start and move to Texas. 

Wednesday night, she parked her U-Haul outside the Larkspur Landing Hotel in the 15800 block of SE 37th Street.

The next morning, she found her belongings scattered across the ground, and a box that contained her husband's ashes was missing. The black box has "David S. Francis" inscribed on it. 

Police said the urn may have been discarded along with "other personal items" that were stolen.

"It was all the sedimental things that we collected together through 20 years of marriage. I would not care if it was an anonymous tip. I just want my husband back," Foster said tearfully. 

Please call the Bellevue Police Department if you have any information.

A Bellevue woman is desperate to locate an urn containing her husban... d's ashes. Thieves broke into her U-Haul Wed night near Eastgate. They stole several boxes of stuff, but the most important one contained her husband's urn, a black box with David S. Francis inscribed.