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University of Idaho students heading home, citing safety concerns after murders

Under a blanket of fresh snow, the University of Idaho’s campus is peaceful by way of tragedy.

MOSCOW, Idaho — Classes are in session at the University of Idaho though many students aren’t attending in person – sighting safety as a major concern

“It’s particularly quiet now, quieter than it should be, I think,” said longtime Moscow resident Jim Fisher.

Under a blanket of fresh snow, the University of Idaho’s campus is peaceful by way of tragedy.

“A lot of people went home after the news,” said University of Idaho freshman Ella Wise.

Wise said her mother wants her home but she stayed for Wednesday’s vigil. It was the first official, university-lead vigil for Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin; the four students murdered in an off-campus home on November 13.

“I’m coming home this weekend, back to Boise, because of it. My family is very concerned, and rightfully so,” Wise continued. Her roommates are going home too – students that say they don’t feel safe as no one is in custody for the stabbing death of four of their peers.

Idaho State Police, the FBI and Moscow police are working the case.

“There’s a large group of people who are soul focused on solving this crime,” said Aaron Snell, a spokesperson for the Idaho State Police Department.

Marked patrol cars are a regular sight on campus and the crime scene is under constant watch – private security was added as well. Regardless, students are asked to look out for one another as safety can't be guaranteed.

“There is a lot of fear and uncertainty and we are working with the university and the university is working really hard and diligently to provide that sense of security as well,” Snell said.

There’s a lot investigators aren’t saying. They do believe the attack was targeted but won’t say why.

“Oh yeah, everyone has their theories and I think that the usual consensus is that we all hope that law enforcement people know more than we do,” Moscow resident Jim Fisher added.

Uncertainty leads to speculation and fuels rumors. Investigators are, in a way, asking for faith.

“We believe that when it’s all said and done people will understand,” Snell continued.

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