A home that Tukwila police say was "a hotbed of criminal activity over the past year" was evicted Friday.

Police say they have received complaints related to drug activity, overdoses, stolen property, a sexual assault, and people coming and going at all hours at the property in the 5100 block of South 142nd Street. But the eviction came after the bank took over.

Noelle Allen had been living with her husband, Jared, in a trailer on the property.

"It was just five families trying to survive off of one land," said Noelle.

"Now they are foreclosing on the house, and they've kicked us out to nothing. We stayed to the last day, and we lost. We are out," said Jared. "It is a $405,000 home. We were just way out of our league. We just got ate up."

Neighbor Fredrick White sees the newly posted no trespassing signs, and vehicles slapped with impound warnings.

"I hope the best for them, but as a matter of fact, now I know that my neighborhood is safe," said White.

While Jared was moving his belongings Friday afternoon, police arrived at the house and placed him under arrest for a Department of Corrections warrant.

His wife went from worrying about where they'd go to going it alone.

"They are pulling our trailer out. We have a flat tire. Jared gets arrested," Noelle sobbed. "I don't know where I am going to go."

It was a difficult day for her. But at the same time, there is relief in the neighborhood because the one house that made so many feel unsafe has been shut down.