VANCOUVER, Wash. — Taylor Smith, the 18-year-old charged with reckless endangerment for pushing 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson off a 60-foot-bridge into the Lewis River last summer, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of reckless endangerment.

The trial date was initially set for Monday, but the judge has delayed it until March 18.

"Now it's taking longer," Holgerson said after leaving the courtroom Monday. "I want it to be over."

Clark County prosecutors said Smith is the person captured on camera pushing Holgerson off the bridge on August 7. Holgerson was apparently trying to work up the nerve to jump, when prosecutors say Smith gave her an unexpected push that could have killed her. 

Holgerson landed badly and ended up in the hospital with broken ribs, a punctured lung and other injuries.

The push was caught on video and quickly went viral. Exclusive Today show video shows the moments leading up to the infamous push (warning: graphic language).

Holgerson spoke to KGW after a December court appearance and accused Smith of violating a court order by showing up at places where Holgerson is. As part of the release conditions set by the court, Smith was ordered not to have any contact with the victim, according to Clark County deputy prosecutor Laurel Smith.

"She said she was going to take full responsibility," Holgerson said. "All she's been doing is lying and disobeying her probation. So I don't think she really even cares. I don't think the court cares."

During that court appearance Smith waived the right to a speedy trial, which gives the attorneys more time to negotiate. 

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