The local Sikh community says it's been dealing with a rise in hate crimes against their religion, some of which have turned violent.

One such incident was captured on surveillance video at an AM/PM at the corner of Pacific Highway South and S. 272nd Street in Federal Way. The video showed a man threatening to kill a Sikh employee. He was also seen banging on a police car and was heard yelling, "Go back where you came from."

Police arrested him on suspicion of a hate crime. The department has worked with the owner to address the concerns, even putting a patrol car in front of the store.

But Sikhs believe it's part of a disturbing trend. Another Sikh said he was attacked in Bellevue.

"He take out a hammer from his bag and hit me on my head and then I was bleeding from my head," said Swarn Singh.

They want cities to take action, make stronger statements against hate, and talk the misconceptions of the fifth-largest religion in the world.

"People might think that the turban and the beard and the special look that we are something different, outsider. But we want to tell those people that we are not outsider. We are just one of you," said Avtar Singh. "Sikhs are very peaceful community. We believe we are all one race. Whole human race is one, so we shouldn't hate each other. We should be living peacefully with love with everybody."

Avtar Singh, the general secretary of a Renton congregation, says he's talked with Federal Way's mayor and plans to make a personal pitch next week in an effort to ease tensions and concerns.