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'They're gentle souls': 10 alpacas shot and killed in Clallam County, suspect still on the loose

Ten of Connie Beauvais' 15 alpacas were shot and killed in the middle of the night, some of the shots close to her home.

JOYCE, Wash. — The Clallam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a felony animal cruelty case after 10 alpacas were found shot and killed in Joyce.

For Connie Beauvais, her alpacas are like family. She’s been caring for them since they were born.

“They’re gentle souls. We call them pasture ornaments and they like that,” Beauvais said.

However, a few weeks ago, she made a gut-wrenching discovery just feet from home.

“We woke up the morning of the 26th and looked out here and there was a dead alpaca. I thought he died in the night and my husband Jim said 'Why are all of the other alpacas laying down over there?',” Beauvais recounted.

Ten of her 15 alpacas were shot and killed in the middle of the night, some of the shots close to her home. The herd can’t be seen from the home and Beauvais believes this was planned and targeted.

Beauvais said there are suspects.

“It's sad that if this was vindictive against me, that somebody was not big enough to come to my face or talk to me or slash my tires. They had to kill alpacas execution style,” Beauvais said.

Beauvais said the last few weeks have been filled with sleepless nights, and they have now installed more security measures.

“I've been too angry to cry but I know it's coming. I'm not sure when the anger will pass,” Beauvais said.

The five surviving alpacas are impacted too.

“They were in mourning for almost a week. For a week these two girls were over at the fence with the boys standing really close and protecting each other and wondering what happened to their friend,” Beauvais said.

Beauvais is asking anyone with information to come forward to get who’s responsible off the streets.

“If this person can get away with this and have the confidence to do this and not get caught, what is his next target going to be?” Beauvais said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office at (360)-417-2459.

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