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Officials say protection and restraining orders can 'create a false sense of security'

A Redmond woman and her husband were killed by her stalker on Friday. She filed a protection order against him in January and police say she did everything right.

REDMOND, Wash. — A Redmond husband and wife are dead after police say the man that was stalking them broke into their home and killed them then took his own life. 

Police Chief Darrell Lowe did not mince any words – calling a protective order simply a piece of paper.

“I do not want to create a false sense of security, just because a restraining order or a protective order is obtained that that is some type of shield,” Lowe said.

Ramin Khodakaramrezaei, 37, is a man known to Redmond police and according to court records was a source of both “insomnia and anxiety” for Zohreh Sadeghi. 

Mohammed Milad Naseri and his wife Zohreh Sadeghi were murdered early Friday morning inside their Redmond home. Khodakaramrezaei broke in through their bedroom window and shot and killed the couple.

According to court records, Sadeghi and her alleged murderer met on a social media app based on professional development. She claims he developed an obsession, sending her gifts and calling her nonstop – as many as 100 times in a day.

In January King County records show that Sadeghi filed for a protection order but police say that order hadn’t been served because the respondent is a long haul truck driver from Texas and authorities couldn’t find him.

“This was an individual who by virtue of his profession moved from place to place,” Lowe said, “This is every victim, every detective, every police chief's worst nightmare,” he continued.

Lowe said that in this case, the victim did everything she possibly could.

Seattle University Law professor Deirdre Bowen echoes the false sense of security that a protective order can offer.

“You the survivor know the abuser best. You want to think about how are they likely to respond to the receipt of the protection order. The single most important thing that needs to be done is to develop a safety plan,” Bowen said.

“There is nothing that can be done except to call the police when the violation occurred, those are the limitations that are in the system currently,” she continued. 

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