Residents in the Wedgwood neighborhood describe what they saw and heard the day Seattle Police Officer shot and killed Che Taylor.

Pedro de Arteaga told the courtroom during an inquest hearing he heard “three or four loud bangs” as if they were right out on his front porch.

In the dash camera video, Officers Mike Spaulding and Scott Miller approach a white sedan, guns drawn, with Taylor standing by the passenger door.

You can hear the officers screaming commands at Taylor, who can be seen ducking down behind the car. The officers shoot him multiple times.

The car obscures his actions from the camera. But the officers told investigators they feared that Taylor, a known felon, was reaching for a weapon. A gun was recovered later during a search of the car.

One woman who lives in the adjacent home described the position of Taylor's body just after the shooting.

“The gentleman had his hand, his right hand, on the frame of the car,” she testified. “The left hand was by his body, and his feet were out in front of him.”

Reaction from Taylor's family has been emotional at times in the packed courtroom.

James Bible, attorney for Taylor's family, questioned an officer who witnessed the shooting, pointing out how difficult it would have been for Taylor to follow the officers' instructions.

“Some of you were saying hands up correct?” asked Bible.

“Yes,” answered officer Timothy Barnes.

“Some were saying get on the ground correct?”

“Yes,” Barnes said.

Bible argued that Taylor could have been moving to the ground as ordered, proving that even with a video recording of the shooting, the facts of the case aren't always clear.