The final day of testimony in the Che Taylor shooting inquest raised new questions about the gun found at the scene.

The testimonies about the weapon came from forensic detectives who investigated the shooting of a black man by two Seattle Police officers.

Dr. Richard Haruff, the King County Medical Examiner, testified Taylor's movements would have been dynamic at the time of the shooting. He said that makes it difficult to determine if the path of the bullets through his body show he was pulling a weapon when he was shot, or that he was going to the ground following police orders.

In-car video shows two officers running in to make an arrest with guns drawn, and Taylor lowering himself behind the car officers fire their weapons. A white sedan obscures Taylor’s actions.

“I don't think it's fair to interpret these wounds as to what his intent in these movements was,” said Harruff.

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A crucial moment in a C.S.I. detective's testimony focused on the loaded gun found under the front passenger seat of the white sedan. It's a gun that the officers claim Taylor had been armed with the day of the shooting.

Yellow debris found sprinkled on the gun came from when a shotgun round was fired through the car seat, according to the C.S.I. detective. That raised questions about the sequence of events and how long the gun had been there.

Seattle Police case detective Steven Corbin admitted there was no sufficient forensic evidence tying Taylor to the gun, either through fingerprints or DNA.

“They found a mixture of at least five different individuals?” asked James Bible, Taylor’s family attorney.

“Yes sir,” answered Corbin.

“And it was determined that no comparison could be made?” asked Bible.

“Yes sir,” said Corbin.

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Jurors will start deliberating Thursday, responding to more than 50 questions for the inquest.

Although it's just a fact-finding hearing, Che Taylor's family and the officers, say they want the truth to be known.