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LAPD recovers $100,000 diamond stolen from Bellevue jeweler

For the jeweler, the loss wasn’t financial, but rather an emotional blow to an ever-trusting businessman.


It sounds like something out of a blockbuster movie: a jewelry heist, stolen valor and a missing $100,000 diamond. 

While working for Diamonds Inc. in Bellevue this past February, master jeweler Kianoush Fanaeian remembers helping a customer. 

“People getting engaged… happiness comes into this business. I am happy to do this job,” he said.

The man he was helping told Fanaeian he was a soldier shopping for an engagement ring, a story that struck a chord with Faneian.

“Actually (his) army clothes made me more comfortable to work with him, he seems like a good guy,” Fanaeian recalled. 

Moments later, the customer snatched a 5.5-carat marquise-cut diamond. Fanaeian ran after him.

“At that time, I chased him. I don’t think about my insurance because I don’t like these types of people coming around me. That’s not right-- people thinking like that, living like that.”

Bellevue Police took the case from there and in April, the man caught on surveillance video was arrested in Vancouver, Washington. 

The diamond-thief suspect was not a military veteran, but rather a 26-year-old man later identified as Arquae Kennedy. Kennedy is in jail, but at the time of this arrest, the diamond was nowhere to be found. 

That changed this week when a captain with the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that their Commercial Crimes Division had recovered a stolen diamond. 

For Fanaeian, the loss wasn’t financial. His insurance covered the theft, but it felt like an emotional blow to an ever-trusting jeweler.

“One person cannot kill my trust no, no,” Fanaeian said.

Soon, the diamond will return to the open market while the man accused of stealing it remains in a jail cell in Aberdeen, Washington.