BURLINGTON, Wash. – If you want to pay your utility bill, you shouldn’t drive to a Washington State Patrol office to do it.

More importantly – you shouldn’t do it when you’re high.

Troopers say that appears to be what happened Friday morning when a trooper spotted a man sitting in his vehicle outside the Burlington WSP office.

The vehicle was parked in an area reserved for patrol vehicles, the state patrol said. When the trooper went to check on the man, he allegedly said he needed to pay his PUD bill.

The trooper allegedly smelled marijuana on the man and in the vehicle, so he asked if the man knew where he was and if he usually paid his PUD bill at the WSP office. The man said yes.

When asked if he had been smoking marijuana, the man said he had and that “it was a lot,” according to troopers.

The 49-year-old man was arrest on suspicion of DUI involving drugs, although the trooper never saw him drive.