Parents are being warned about a new scam in which someone claims to have kidnapped their children. The King County Sheriff's Office reports two such scam attempts since last week.

The first came Thursday after a Ravensdale-area mother dropped her two daughters off at the school bus in the morning. A short time after the bus left, the woman got a call from a blocked number. The sheriff's office said the caller, described as a male with an accent, claimed he had kidnapped the woman's daughter and would kill her if the mother did not meet and give him money. The caller had the girl's first name correct but got the last name slightly wrong. The mother called the school and confirmed her daughters where there and safe.

On Monday, a father near White Center said he too got a phone call from a blocked number. The sheriff's office said this time the caller was a younger sounding female posing as the man's daughter. She stated she was kidnapped and the suspect wanted money to let her go. A male, again described as having an accent, got on the phone and demanded money or he would hurt the girl. The suspect then hung up. The father called the school and confirmed his daughter was OK.

Because these were blocked numbers, there was no way to call back.

The sheriff's office says the parents both did the right thing in confirming that their kids were safe, then calling 911 to report it. The office also reminds parents that thee are scams and that you should never provide money to anyone over the phone.