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Belltown business hit twice by burglar in two days

Store surveillance video shows what appears to be man climbing through a window of a shop Saturday morning and proceeding to grab whatever he can.

SEATTLE — Maher Yoousef, a business owner in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, is speaking out after his restaurant, Pluto Organic Coffee, was broken into twice in two days. 

It's a hit at a time where success is measured by the ability to stay open after COVID-19 restrictions.

“I basically work by myself everyday, seven days a week,” he said.

Store surveillance video shows what appears to be man climbing in through a window of Yoousef's shop Saturday morning and grabbing whatever he can.

“He took my safe, the cash, the tablet, my laptop - everything,” Yoousef said.

Early Monday morning, a similar break-in is caught on camera. Yoousef believes it's the same man. 

Seattle Police responded to both of the break-ins but have not made an arrest.

“A lot of businesses are losing money. Almost one-hundred-forty businesses in Seattle's downtown closed down because of that. I come every day and find people sleeping on my door. I find trash. I find everything,” Yoousef said.

The Downtown Seattle Association reports 200 street level business have closed, 200,000 daily workers are gone, and hotel occupancy remans down 52%.

Yoousef said that's why he’s set on fighting to stay open.

“I love what I do, but with the break-ins happening, it’s effecting me, but it’s not going to break me,” he said.