RENTON, Wash. — Detectives are investigating at least four cases where a man carrying a rifle was prowling homes in King County.

Police said the man was captured on security cameras attempting to open doors at a home in Newcastle around 2 a.m. Monday.

The same armed man is suspected of attempting to enter at least three other homes about an hour later in the 100 block of Hoquiam Avenue NE, according to the Renton Police Department.

The man was not able to get inside any houses. However, police said he did access an unlocked vehicle, but it appears nothing was taken.

April Kreal lives nearby and said she has seen her neighbor’s surveillance video.

"It is pretty terrifying," said Kreal. "The fact that somebody is lurking around and trying out several houses and trying to get in, you know while we are sleeping, is scary."

Sergeant Christy Mathews with Renton Police Department worries about what could happen.

"This is super concerning. Someone walking around in the middle of the night carrying a rifle, checking car doors, and checking house doors. You get a homeowner that has a weapon inside their house, that person is probably going to get shot," said Sgt. Mathews.

Neighbors said their plan is to stay alert.

"I won't be keeping any windows or doors open for sure, and cameras and alarms, we will just keep everything on," said Kreal.

Renton police is asking the public to check their home security cameras from April 29 around 3 a.m.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the surveillance video is asked to call Renton police at 425-235-2121, or the King County Sheriff's Office at 206-296-3311.