Three days after one of the largest drug busts in state history, Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force arrested several more Chinese nationals responsible for illegally growing marijuana.

Several police departments make up the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force.

Raids on Friday by the Aberdeen Police Department processed an illegal grow on Morgan Street in Aberdeen.

The Hoquiam Police Department also processed an illegal grow on "L" street in Hoquiam as it was being dismantled by three Chinese nationals. The individuals, two of whom had been arrested and released in previous raids this week, were arrested.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff's deputies are also investigating a possible illegal marijuana grow sites in the Wishkah Valley.

Police also raided two homes in Aberdeen and Hoquiam on Thursday, seizing 792 pot plants at the Hoquiam residence. Two people were arrested in connection to those raids.

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Earlier this week, multiple agencies raided 50 properties and seized 34,000 marijuana plants.