Four years and more than 18,000 pounds of donated food – it’s quite the legacy high school student Sam Catherall is leaving behind.

When he began as a freshman at O’Dea High School, he collected more than 1,000 pounds of canned food for his school food drive, which is part of Home Team Harvest, the largest food drive in the state.

As a sophomore, he gathered more than 1,500 pounds. Junior year, about 2,500 pounds. This year, he wanted to hit 5,000 pounds.

“It was my senior year, so I figured I’d go all out,” Catherall said.

He almost tripled his goal.

“About 13,318 pounds,” he said.

This amounts to about 10,000 meals for families in need, making Catherall one of Northwest Harvest’s highest individual contributors in the state.

“It’s amazing. It’s awesome. Knowing that I’ll be able to feed this many people it’s humbling for sure,” Catherall said.

As in previous years, the teen stood outside grocery stores asking people to donate. This year, he says the community was exceptionally generous.

“I don’t know,” Catherall said. “They were looking for an opportunity to donate. And we gave them one and they did the rest.”

He is graduating this year, and plans on volunteering in college next year.

But as for who at O’Dea will take over for him: “Hopefully I’ve inspired someone like a freshman or sophomore, but it’s going to take a lot. They’ve got some big shoes to fill,” Catherall joked.

Join KING 5 at one of six collection sites for Home Team Harvest on Saturday, December 2. Our goal is to raise 5 million meals to help end hunger in Washington.