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Blaine businesses, residents feel the impact of U.S./Canada border closure

The U.S./Canada border will remain closed through at least mid-August as both sides attempt to "flatten the curve" of coronavirus cases.

BLAINE, Wash. — The U.S./Canada border will remain closed through at least mid-August as both sides attempt to "flatten the curve."

The shutdown of the international crossing is having an impact on the entire country, but the small city of Blaine in the northernmost part of Washington may be among the hardest hit.

Some residents said they could have never imagined a situation like this.

“The very unlikely event of the border closure was something that was really not on people’s radar,” said Blaine City Manager Michael Jones.

Mike Hills, the owner of Hill's Chevron gas station, knows times are tough but said he isn't stressed out about it.

“My wife says I’ve never been more relaxed in my life. I swear, there’s nothing you can do. There’s nothing you can do," he said.

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Hill said since the closure of the border, he’s seeing just 5% of the customers he’s used to serving. A filling station that usually goes through 400 gallons by 8 a.m. has only hit the 400-gallon mark in a day one time since the shutdown.

“There is a pretty strong perspective among a number of us border communities that it is out of our hands," Jones said. 

They may not have control over when the border will open, but residents said they do have faith it'll open again. 

“I don’t know how long it will continue, I certainly hope not long,” said Blaine Police Chief Donnell Tanksley.

When that day comes, Hill wants to be ready and wants his town to look it’s best.

Residents said they always knew they relied on their Canadian friends to the north but didn't realize just how much until the border shut down. 

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