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'One Seattle' day draws thousands to pitch in across city

Projects ranged from trash pickup and beautification to organizing donations and delivering food bank groceries.

SEATTLE — The City of Seattle says around 4,000 people registered for the first "One Seattle Day of Service event" Saturday, participating in a range of community service projects across the city.

Projects were organized through partnerships between the City of Seattle and community groups, business associations, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Public Utilities and other agencies. They ranged from cleaning, beautification, gardening and restoration to helping neighbors in need through grocery packing and donation organizing.

Mayor Bruce Harrell attended several of the events to connect with constituents, including a cleanup near the Garfield Community Center by his alma mater, Garfield High School.

There, volunteers had the chance to connect with others about neighborhood projects, including the Garfield Super Block initiative. 

"It's an important marker in the cultural history of the Central district area," Stephanie Ingram said. "Our group is trying to bring that history out and share it with the general population."

Garfield Super Block aims to "confirm and implement the unfinished renovation work of the 2005 Garfield Superblock Master Plan."

"This group is really trying to hold the city accountable and hold the district accountable to make sure that work gets done," said Sharon Khosla. "It really was about a legacy path between Nova and Garfield high schools, and it's a legacy path really lifting up the seven different ethnic cultures that have deep, deep roots of settlement here in the Central area and we hope our park will bring those cultures to light and understand the history of this really special place and do full improvements around the park."

The One Seattle Day of Service aimed to make a large difference in a day, but also inspire participants to continue their involvement with service organizations, and inspire others to take part.

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