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FAQ: Your questions about race and racism answered

From handling tough conversations about race to the controversy around “All Lives Matter,” we answer your honest and frank questions about race.

KING 5 Staff

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Published: 4:16 PM PDT September 10, 2020
Updated: 1:47 PM PST December 1, 2020

Can people of color be racist? How can white people make reparations?

These are a few of the honest – and sometimes awkward – questions about race that you may want to know the answer to but were too embarrassed or scared to ask.

Race is a sensitive topic, so we’re answering your questions anonymously as part of the Frequently Awkward Questions segment on the KING 5 series “Facing Race.” If you want to ask a question, fill out this form. We will ask a panel of race experts for the answers.

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