SEATTLE — Some animal rescue groups are seeing a big increase in pet adoptions as people hunker down and isolate to avoid coronavirus.

“We've definitely seen an uptick,” said Laura Henderson, executive director of Pasado’s Safe Haven.

She said her organization has seen a 50% bump in adoptions in March. Recent adoptees include dogs, cats, and a duck.

“In moments like this, we're all collectively reminded of how important animals can be to us as we navigate a world that can sometimes be really hard,” Henderson said.

She said some people who live alone appreciate having a dog to keep them company and to take on walks.

Pasado's Safe Haven is doing virtual meet and greets via webcam so people can decide if a pet is a good fit.

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Lynnwood-based PAWS said it, too, has seen an increase in calls about adoption and fostering. Although they don't have many pets needing homes right now, PAWS said it anticipates an increase later this spring, typically the busiest time of year for pet rescue groups, as animals have babies and their young need permanent homes.

Henderson said many spay and neuter services are suspended right now, and that could mean an uptick in kittens and puppies needing homes this summer.

The Seattle Humane shelter in Bellevue remains closed until further notice and adoptions are on hold. The organization said it is considering implementing an adoption-by-appointment approach to find homes for the nearly 80 animals that would’ve been available for adoption had the shelter stayed open.

“We will be looking at our current operation procedures and determining how best to connect our deserving shelter pets with loving families without exacerbating a public health situation,” Seattle Humane said in a statement.

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