Hot temps


Today is going to be hot! We will see record-breaking heat with highs in the upper 80s and maybe even the low 90s. If you're not a fan of this heat, the good news is this will be as hot as it gets this week.

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Don't be fooled

Even though temperatures are rising fast in western Washington, the water is still dangerously cold. Cold water is considered anything less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Recycling fee 

Changes to recycling costs on a global scale means the City of Tacoma is paying roughly $2 million this year that it didn't budget for recycling. Now, residents face an increase in recycling costs.  

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Starved whale

Officials say a gray whale that washed ashore in Everett died of starvation. At least 28 gray whales have washed ashore on Washington beaches this year. 

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Triumphant return

King County Metro bus driver Eric Stark is back at work following a shooting rampage in Seattle's Lake City neighborhood back in March.  

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