Deaths from mold at Seattle Children's

Seattle Children's Hospital announced on Monday that five more patient deaths are connected to Aspergillus mold found in the hospital. That brings the total to six deaths and eight infected patients. 

Previous cases dating back to 2001 are linked to mold detected in the hospital's air filtration system.  

Ten operating rooms at Seattle Children's will remain closed through the end of January while new air filtration systems are installed. 

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Uncertain winter outlook 

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center released its official winter forecast for the Pacific Northwest. Our region, and much of the country for that matter, is predicted to get above-normal temperatures this winter. 

Rainfall totals may end up being a little bit more than normal – but not by much.

KING 5 meteorologists say there will probably be a least one cold snap where there might be snow for lower elevations, but amounts are impossible to predict for a whole season. 

Having two heavy snow winters in a row seems unlikely. 

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Cover your load loophole legislation

Commercial trucks hauling gravel, sand or dirt have something of a loophole when it comes to Washington state law. Those loads are considered secure, with no cover needed, as long as nothing is seen flying out and six inches of empty space is maintained on the upper sides of the truck bed. 

All other drivers have to physically secure every load or face a minimum of $228 fine.

Rep. Christine Kilduff said her newest legislation will completely close the loophole. She said any voters who feel strongly about this issue need to contact their representatives in the state legislature. 

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Possible Kitsap County airport expansion

A state commission looking to relieve congestion at Sea-Tac Airport will consider expanding Bremerton National Airport in Kitsap County.

Port of Bremerton Commissioner Cary Bozeman said there are many factors to consider before the airport is possibly expanded, such as traffic issues and quality of life issues.  

The commission hopes to have a list of six potential locations by the end of 2020.

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GoodToGo! bill leads to expired car tabs

A Seattle woman has been frustrated for months after she was denied having her car tabs renewed because she had unpaid WSDOT bills that she knew nothing about. 

WSDOT says they are currently working with the woman on a solution, but want to remind everyone that now is a good time to activate Good To Go! passes and to maintain their accounts to avoid issues with mailed bills. 

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