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More immigrant families eligible for stimulus checks second time around

Many mixed-status households were left out of the first stimulus checks. But they are now eligible, even if they have undocumented family members.

SEATTLE — There are new rules when it comes to stimulus checks, and some people who didn't qualify in the first round should get it this second time around.

Mixed-status households who didn't receive money last time will be impacted.

KING 5 viewer Ida wrote to ask, "If one is married, and one person is a U.S. citizen and the other person has an ITIN number--Do you know if we will be able to receive a stimulus check this time around?"

In the first round, many mixed-status households were completely left out of the first stimulus checks. 

More specifically, American citizens who would have qualified were disqualified if they were married to a person who wasn't a U.S. citizen and only had an ITIN number. Those with green cards and social security numbers did receive a stimulus check. 

This second time around, mixed-status households are now eligible, even if they have undocumented family members. Of course, this all depends on their income qualifications.

In Ida's case, if she qualifies, she should get the $600 check and more money if she and her spouse have dependents.

Supporters of the change said immigrant families were especially at-risk for COVID-19, while others still argue the $600 doesn't go far enough.

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